DPLA is seeking proposals for DPLAfest, a gathering that will explore how libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural organizations across the country leverage technology to serve, inform, and empower communities. We invite proposals that showcase projects, ideas, and solutions designed to help the field meet the technological, social, and civic demands of the 21st century and that highlight the critical role of libraries—and the DPLA network—in shaping the future of access to digital knowledge.

In line with the DPLAfest 2019 theme of Future Shapers, Culture Makers and our programming areas, we are particularly interested in proposals related to:

  • Assessment and impact
  • Collaboration with non-traditional partners
  • Collections as data
  • Community voices
    • Inclusive collection development and practice
    • Building and sustaining community-based collections
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, and digital storytelling platforms
  • Innovations in e-content delivery services
  • Library Simplified/SimplyE
  • Reuse of content and/or data
  • Self-publishing models and platforms
  • Sharing cultural heritage
  • Sustainability
  • Technology innovation in areas including, but not limited to:
    • Content delivery platforms
    • Aggregation technology
    • Machine learning
    • Virtual reality
    • Blockchain

We also encourage proposals that highlight current digital library initiatives in the DPLA network’s hubs and contributing institutions.

The deadline to submit a session proposal is Friday, January 11, 2019. Notifications about whether proposals have been accepted will be sent in late January.

Session types

Presentation (60 minutes)
Presentations are explorations into specific concepts/themes or updates on an ongoing project or initiative. Presenters are free to structure their session however they see fit or to propose alternative formats for a 60-minute session.

Roundtable discussion (60 minutes)
Facilitated discussions are an opportunity for attendees to jointly examine a topic in depth. Proposals should outline why the discussion topic or question is compelling and important and would sustain 60 minutes of continued activity.

Lightning talks (5 minutes)
Lightning talks are short, 5-minute presentations given in rapid-fire succession, often with only a small number of slides. Lightning talks can relate to topics listed in the call for proposals, or any subject of interest to the DPLAfest community. Lightning talks are a great opportunity for DPLA Hubs, developers working with our API, and anyone else to briefly share projects, tools, solutions, and/or lessons learned. DPLA will group lightning talks together into 60-minute sessions.

Submission terms

  • Proposal submissions require a brief abstract (100 words) and longer description (300 words max).
  • If your proposal for a session is accepted, all named presenters will be required to register for DPLAfest, and DPLA will expect you to deliver the session in person on either April 17 or April 18, 2019. DPLA reserves the right to change the schedule as it sees fit (we will inform you of any changes).
  • Before March 1, 2019, you may cancel your session with no added responsibility. After March 1, 2019, should you be unable to deliver your scheduled session, you will be expected to find a suitable replacement (subject to DPLA approval).
  • The proposal you submit for review will, if accepted, be used for inclusion in the DPLAfest agenda and is the primary way that participants will choose which sessions to attend. You will have the opportunity to edit the title and/or description of your session in February 2019, but any further edits after March 15 will not be allowed.
  • By presenting at DPLAfest, you grant permission to be video or audio recorded and grant DPLA worldwide rights, free usage and distribution of the recording at its discretion.

The Call for Proposals is now closed. If you have questions about programming, please email info@dp.la.