Presenters, please take note of the following AV guidelines as you prepare for your presentations.

Each presentation room will be equipped with:

  • A screen and projector or a large TV monitor
  • All projectors will have VGA input and the TV monitors will have HDMI 
  • A podium

Some rooms have:

  • Microphones
  • Speakers to allow playing audio and video

Note: If you have previously notified us that your presentation requires audio or video, then we have assigned you to a room with audio/video capability. If you have not requested audio/video and require it, please contact Jessica VandenBergh at Hoopla Communications ( or 773-486-6920), but we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in a room that can accommodate audio.

Presenters are required to provide:

  • Your own laptop computer to show your presentation to the audience, as well as a copy of your presentation on a USB stick
  • Appropriate projector adapter (e.g., Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter)

Note: Some spaces will have built-in computers for projection, while most will require use of a personal laptop. To reduce confusion, we ask that you come prepared for either possibility. Additionally, please do not rely solely Google slides (or other cloud-based sharing) as we will all be using a public Wifi network and bandwidth may vary. If possible, please have your presentation downloaded to your computer before your session.

Additional guidelines for preparing your presentations:

  • We strongly encourage you to use one laptop for the entire session to avoid any time delays and technical challenges switching computers mid-presentation. Please coordinate with co-presenters accordingly.
  • Please review the slide guidelines in our Accessibility Guide to make sure your presentation is as accommodating to all DPLAfest attendees as possible.
  • We encourage you to share slides or other presentation materials with attendees (before, during, or after the conference) by uploading materials to your session using your Sched profile.